Levels of Participation in the Family Office Services Channels

Bachelors ("Virtual Adviser") Masters   Doctorate  
$ $250 per month (or $100/month with a scholarship) for the first year. Includes training and video resources. $ $12,000 per year to be offset with any of 26 different types of revenue. $ $60,000 per year to be offset with any of 26 different types of revenue. $
1 Participate in study groups with advisers who use Family Office Services resources to generate more than $1 Million of annual commissions each. 1 Receive all of the Allied Advisor benefits plus the following: 1 Receive all of the Allied Adviser benefits plus the following: 1
2 Receive sample plans to use in marketing private pension, trust-owned life insurance, investment policy statement solutions, and 17 other concepts illustrated at vBlueprint.com. 2 Access the 12 marketing resources listed in the Channel Adviser Overview. (The "Custom Presentation Materials" can be customized for the Allied Advisers but most resources cannot be customized.) 2 Customize any of 100+ marketing documents with rights to use the Family Office Services brand and logo. (Allied Advisers only have a subset of these customization rights.) 2
3 Participate in live weekly webinars to discuss the best sales and technical planning ideas. 3 Access the 9 training resources listed in the Channel Adviser Overview. 3 Cover fees with revenues from up to 6 Allied Advisers. Carry over credits for up to one year if monthly minimum payments are made but services are not purchased. 3
4 Receive access to a bank of more than 100 recorded videos and webinars discussing state-of-the-art marketing and planning ideas. 4 Access the 7 case planning resources listed in the Channel Adviser Overview. 4 Receive free or low-cost assistance with webinars to engage clients. 4
5 Receive limited access to a virtual back office that helps you illustrate custom presentations for pension rescue, captive insurance companies, charitable LP programs, and other powerful techniques. (Splits range from 30/70 to 70/30.) 5 Access the 5 technology resources listed in the Channel Adviser Overview. (Typically with a 80/20 split.) 5 Access to the back office service bureau at the lowest rates. (Commission splits as low as 10% instead of the 20% or higher split shared by new Allied Advisers.) (Typically with a 90/10 split.) 5
6 Receive access to Best Practices and Best Tools Workshops. 6 Receive a customized webinar for you and your staff to explain how to access our resources. 6 Receive a semi-exclusive territory. Receive assitance with developing a business plan to incorporate all of the above resources into your practice. . 6
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The Zero Tax Planning Institute was a program offered briefly from 2001 to 2011 to equip advisers to replicate the success enjoyed through law firms helping clients leverage estate tax exemptions and/or maximize charitable deductions. We explained the law firms' systems for developing successful seminars, attracting attendees, scheduling meetings with prospects, and engaging new clients. We explained how FOL attorneys added value to clients throughout each stage of the planning process. Because the program was technical in nature and subject to misinterpretation, the resources offered through the Institute are now only offered through Family Office Law LLP and its affiliated entities.


Zero Tax Planning is a program of Family Office Services, Inc.

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Zero Tax Planning is a simple but powerful concept that integrates well-established non-charitable tools (such as insurance, LLCs, low-interest notes, and irrevocable trusts) with common charitable tools (such as gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, private foundations, pooled income funds, etc.) to help clients reduce taxes while increasing potential benefits for family and favorite charities. Most clients can zero-out estate, gift and GST taxes through the appropriate leveraging of standard estate and gift tax exemptions. Other charitable and business income tax strategies can be used to zero-out taxes on capital gains income and/or the portion of their income not needed for lifestyle expenses. It is not difficult to zero-out taxes simply by giving wealth to charity. Amazing opportunities arise, however, when the tax benefits of statutory charitable tools are combined with the tax benefits of non-charitable instruments described in the Internal Revenue Code. Family Office Law LLP ("FOL") attorneys and their affiliates do not recommend strategies that lack substantial legal authority.