Comparison of Programs

  Cost $250/month $1,000/month $5,000/month
1 Custom Presentation Materials Package Yes Yes Yes
2 Strategy Flyers No Yes Yes
3 One Minute Advisor® Video Program No Yes Yes
4 Client Brochures No Yes Yes
5 "Soft Data" Questionnaires Yes Yes Yes
6 "Hard Data" Fact-finders Yes Yes Yes
7 Client Engagement Brochures No Yes Yes
8 Marketing Seminars and Webinars No Yes Yes
9 vBlueprint Online Strategy Illustrator Basic access Better access Best access
10 Allied Advisor Marketing Webinars No Yes Yes
11 Best Practices Workshop No Yes Yes
12 Best Tools Workshop No Yes Yes
13 Best Portfolios Workshop No Yes Yes
14 Best Legacy Workshop No Yes Yes
15 Live Technical Webinars Yes Yes Yes
16 Channel Adviser Study Group Yes Yes Yes
17 Newsletters Yes Yes Yes
18 Recorded video library Basic access Better access Best access
19 Coaching No Yes Yes
20 Opportunity Conversations No Yes Yes
21 Tactical Plans Yes .  Fee + 30% split Yes .  Fee + 20% split Yes .  Fee + 10% split
22 Comprehensive Plans Yes .  Fee + 30% split Yes .  Fee + 20% split Yes .  Fee + 10% split
23 Summary Blueprints Yes .  Fee + 30% split Yes .  Fee + 20% split Yes .  Fee + 10% split
24 Family Retreat and Wealth Statement No No Yes
25 Financial Check-up Yes Yes Yes
26 Value Proposition Letter Yes Yes Yes
27 Allied Advisor Program No No Yes
28 Semi-Exclusive Territory No No Yes
29 Transferable Membership No No Yes
30 Custom Web Site No Yes Yes
31 Deliverables Link No Yes Yes
32 Best Practices Documents Yes . to VA segment Yes Yes
33 Client Login for vTasker Case Tracking No Yes Yes
34 Adviser Login Yes . to VA segment Yes Yes
35 Custom Strategic Development Plan No Yes Yes
36 Custom Website to Track Expected Gift Revenue No Yes Yes
37 Guidance in Developing a Planned Giving Committee No No Yes
38 Custom Videos for Donors No No Yes
39 Custom Brochures for Donors No No Yes
40 Custom Training Workshops for Donors No No Yes

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The Zero Tax Planning Institute equips advisers to replicate the success that we have in our retail practice. We show you how to develop successful seminars, attract attendees, schedule meetings with prospects, and engage new clients. We also show you how to charge fees, prepare client deliverables, implement plans, and fund trusts with investments and insurance.


Zero Tax Planning is a program of Family Office Services, Inc.

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Family Office Services, Inc. ("FOS") and its affiliates do not promote strategies that lack substantial legal authority. All strategies included in this program are already widely known and generally accepted by the legal community. Zero tax planning is achieved by use of well known philanthropic strategies such as revocable bequests, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, etc. FOS does not provide advice regarding these strategies but develops training materials in conjunction with an affiliated law firm and affiliated Registered Investment Adviser. Legal and investment advice is given only according to terms of retainers with these entities. Nothing in FOS materials is a recommendation or solicitation to buy or sell any securities. U.S. Treasury Circular 230 requires that this firm advise you that any tax advice is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used by you, for the purpose of avoiding penalties that the IRS could impose upon you.