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Questions that advisers ask most often about our training

What is your Zero Tax Planning Institute?
The Zero Tax Planning Institute ("ZTPI") teaches current and prospective Channel Advisers how to conduct client seminars using Zero Tax Planning slides and seminar materials. The ZTPI provides basic training regarding the integration or charitable and non-charitable tools to help clients move from success to significance, realize the purpose for which they were put on this earth, and leave the most meaningful legacy. We explain how VFOS has the unique combination of tools and other resources to help clients experience the power of zero-tax planning. Experience proves that there is broad appeal to the concept of Zero Tax Planning among America's 7 million millionaires.

Where does Family Office Services offer training for professional advisers?
We offer training in both live and virtual formats. You can attend live training at various locations around the country. Please look in the live training section of our website at for dates and locations. You can view virtual training webinars at your convenience. Some of our training is available for free to the public subject to simple registration and terms of use agreement. Other training is available only to members of our Virtual Adviser, Allied Adviser or Channel Member Programs. Once you register or enroll, you get a password to access the virtual version 24/7 at The virtual training allows you to view graphic images with imbedded sound. The Channel Adviser training covers 150+ topics related to marketing, case planning, case administration, and staff education.

What is your Member Study Group?
VFOS exists to promote professional development and collegiality among highly trained advisers. To foster this environment, we meet at least annually in an environment that fosters relationships among our Channel Members and Allied Advisers. During this time, we share practice management tips, technical ideas, and pool our wisdom in developing industry leading marketing, planning, and training resources.

What is your Best Practices Workshop?
This 2-day CE-approved program reviews some of the best practice management ideas in the business. Topics cover the entire spectrum of practice management including marketing, conducting family retreats, spotting problems with clients' current plans, developing sophisticated strategies, building back office support, generating referrals, implementing plans, complying with legal guidelines, and training relationship managers. Members can attend in person or through teleconferences with web-supported graphics. To see details about the topics covered in the Best Practices sessions, please visit

What is your Best Tools Workshop?
This fast-paced, marketing-oriented program reviews approximately 20 cutting edge strategies. This is a two-day survey course. References are provided for individuals interested in obtaining more information about any of the strategies. Attendees receive a professionally developed workbook, which has been approved for continuing education. To see details about the topics covered in the Best Tools Workshop, please visit

What are your technical webinars?
Periodically, we review hot topics involving planning strategies, product developments, tax laws, planning pitfalls, or practice management concepts. Webinar topics parallel topics covered during the Best Tools training. Generally, these programs are available to members only.

What types of Continuing Education credits do you help advisers earn?
There are four common types of CE. Accountants need to earn annual CE through the accounting societies. Lawyers earn CE credits through the bar association. CFPs earn CE through the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. Insurance agents earn CE approved by the state securities commissioner. Family Office Services, Inc. and its affiliated law firm do not currently grant CE credits. We do, however, provide outlines of our materials that advisers can submit to the above regulatory bodies. All of the above bodies have approved our materials in the past.

What CE materials do you provide to attendees at your training workshop?
At the end of our training, we offer each attendee a signed certificate of attendance as well as an outline of the material covered. Having these two items can help the attendees receive CE credit from the bar association, accounting society or other regulatory body. We can refer Channel Advisers to services or instructions that help the attendee shepherd his/her CE application through the appropriate regulatory process in his/her state.

Who oversees training in your office?
Our principals, Tim Voorhees, JD, MBA and Dave Holaday, ChFC, develop the materials. Our marketing department oversees the printing of course outlines and attendance certificates. If you have questions, please email (This is the email address for Copenbarger & Voorhees LLP law firm described at the website)

Who conducts the training?
All training is conducted by one of our staff attorneys, CFPs, or ChFCs.

What is the cost for the training?
Training costs start as low as $100/day for Channel Members. Allied Advisers and Virtual Advisers may pay higher rates. Advisers who have not joined one of our Channels pay retail rates but these payments can be credited toward membership fees for those who elect to join.

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The Zero Tax Planning Institute was a program offered briefly from 2001 to 2011 to equip advisers to replicate the success enjoyed through law firms helping clients leverage estate tax exemptions and/or maximize charitable deductions. We explained the law firms' systems for developing successful seminars, attracting attendees, scheduling meetings with prospects, and engaging new clients. We explained how FOL attorneys added value to clients throughout each stage of the planning process. Because the program was technical in nature and subject to misinterpretation, the resources offered through the Institute are now only offered through Family Office Law LLP and its affiliated entities.


Zero Tax Planning is a program of Family Office Services, Inc.

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Zero Tax Planning is a simple but powerful concept that integrates well-established non-charitable tools (such as insurance, LLCs, low-interest notes, and irrevocable trusts) with common charitable tools (such as gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, private foundations, pooled income funds, etc.) to help clients reduce taxes while increasing potential benefits for family and favorite charities. Most clients can zero-out estate, gift and GST taxes through the appropriate leveraging of standard estate and gift tax exemptions. Other charitable and business income tax strategies can be used to zero-out taxes on capital gains income and/or the portion of their income not needed for lifestyle expenses. It is not difficult to zero-out taxes simply by giving wealth to charity. Amazing opportunities arise, however, when the tax benefits of statutory charitable tools are combined with the tax benefits of non-charitable instruments described in the Internal Revenue Code. Family Office Law LLP ("FOL") attorneys and their affiliates do not recommend strategies that lack substantial legal authority.